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Our association is a 1901 law association with the vocation of providing popular, cultural and sports education.

It has officially existed since 31/04/1968 (date of publication in the Official Journal).
Our association is recognised by the French Department of Youth and Sport: accreditation number 24 of 12/05/1981 and by the French Department of National Education: accreditation number: 09/27/TN 
Our administrative details: SIRET 39227873500015, APE code 926C.
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The Base de loisirs de la Minoterie (La Minoterie water sports centre) is managed by the Club de Canoë-Kayak d'Uzerche (Uzerche Canoeing and Kayaking Club), which is one of the many sections of the Foyer Culturel et Sportif d'Uzerche (Uzerche foundation for culture and sports). The Foyer Culturel et Sportif d'Uzerche is the mother association.

The Foyer Culturel et Sportif d'Uzerche is affiliated with the Fédération des Associations Laïques (FAL) de la Corrèze (Corrèze Federation of Secular Associations). The FAL de la Corrèze is one of the departmental federations (also known as the "Fédération des Oeuvres Laïques" (Federation of Secular Works, FOL)) of which the Ligue de l'Enseignement is the confederation.

The "Section Canoë-Kayak du Foyer" (also known as the "Club de Canoë-Kayak d'Uzerche") has been affiliated with the French Canoeing and Kayaking Federation (FFCK) since 14/03/1983, under the number 19140.2.LIM.83.

Through this double affiliation (with the FAL, a popular education federation, and the FFCK, a sporting federation), the Base de loisirs de la Minoterie found its primary concerns, which are the following:

  • to educate the public, particularly young people, through outdoor activities, not only sports-related, but also cultural (developing autonomy through intelligent practices, raising awareness of the natural environment, heritage, etc. ) ;
  • to promote a love of outdoor sports (first and foremost canoeing and kayaking, naturally), that can be practised in the valley of La Vézère and the Corrèze countryside.

The Base de loisirs de la Minoterie is a founding member of the association "Stations Sports Nature de la Corrèze" and received the "Stations Sports Nature du Pays d'Uzerche" label from the General Council of La Corrèze in May 2009.

The Base de loisirs de la Minoterie is also affiliated with two other sporting federations:  the French Mountaineering and Climbing Federation(FFME) since 2006, and the French Orienteering Federation (FFCO) since 2009.

In addition, as part of its programme to promote the participation of the disabled in sport, the association has been affiliated with the French Federation of Adapted Sports (FFSA) since 2009.

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Some additional explanations:

"Base de loisirs de la Minoterie" refers to the structure (the premises, equipment, sports fields, coaches, etc. ) which offers to the public services primarily in the area of outdoor sports and leisure activities.

"La Minoterie" is the name of the locality in the town of Uzerche itself, where the structure is based. A "minoterie" is a mill which turns grain into flour. An old mill can indeed be found on the site - a large building which has been renovated and fitted out for use by the public (particularly the people who frequent the water sports centre).

"Vézère - Passion" is the showcase name of this website. This name refers to the Vézère river, our main training ground, and the passion which drives us: a passion for our river and its waters, and a passion for the natural Corrèze region.

A "1901 law association" - does that mean it's not for profit?
Absolutely, yes. It means that the price paid by the people who come and take part in activities at the Base de loisirs de la Minoterie does not serve to make shareholders richer (as there are none) nor the managing owners (all of the association's directors are strictly volunteers). The price paid by the public to avail of the services provided by the association corresponds essentially to the cost of the equipment and the coaches' salaries.

A "1901 law association": are the services it provides credible?
The quality of the services, particularly in terms of safety, has nothing to do with the association status. The Base de loisirs de la Minoterie is obviously obliged to observe various regulations, particularly those governing the teaching of sport (for example, in terms of degrees which must be held by the coaches). It is important to realise that the term "volunteers" (the status of the association's directors) does not indicate "amateurism", particularly as the coaches at the sports centre are professionals. The fact that the Base de loisirs de la Minoterie is managed by an association is actually a guarantee of quality and safety, thanks to the following:

  •  affiliations with umbrella federations which control the quality of services in the area of nature sports and canoeing and kayaking in particular;
  • the associative spirit which promotes values that are far removed from the sole and unique purpose of generating profits.