Canoeing and Kayaking at Uzerche in the Corrèze.

The different routes through the Vézère valley, both upstream and downstream from Uzerche, offer a diversity that should satisfy both those who seek the peace of the countryside and those who are looking for more adventure.

All the river routes are described the following website: La Moyenne- Vézère.

More details about canoeing and kayaking: canoes and kayaks are different types of boats.

La Base de loisirs de la Minoterie offers:


  • Half-day or day excursions downstream on the Vézère, in a canoe or a kayak.
    Our instructors will give you all the advice you need to help you choose your route and to set off safely, taking into account your ability level and the river flow conditions.
    The hired equipment includes not only a boat and paddles, but also a life jacket, plus a spraydeck for the kayak and waterproof barrels for the canoe.
    The instructors at the Base de la Minoterie will give you the equipment that is most suitable in terms of size and technical quality. The Base de la Minoterie strives to provide the most up to date equipment in perfect condition.
    For example, all our canoes are of the ‘self bailing’ type. In case of a capsize, all that is necessary is to turn the canoe the right way up – there is no need to bail the water out.
    Further information: The organisation of canoeing and kayaking downstream trips on the Vézère.


  • Introductory half-day sessions to canoeing and to kayaking The training is perfectly tailored to the ability level of those who attend the sessions.
    The principal objective of the course is to help most people attain a level of sailing ability that will enable them to make a trip downstream on a Class 2 river, for example the Vézère upriver from Uzerche, in complete safety.
    The initial training is always done on calm waters, then, depending on the levels and the wishes of the participants, it can be continued on rapid waters.
    Likewise, the training session often begins with kayaking, but canoeing skills are often evoked.
    The sessions are group sessions.


  • Individual lessons.
    These lessons are for one or two people, who are motivated to make fast progress and who want to take advantage of a course perfectly adapted to their ability level and needs.


  • Introductory and advanced training courses consist of 5 half days.
    4 half days are designated for the initial training and the last half-day is an accompanied trip downstream on the river Vézère.
    These courses are organised especially for each week of the summer (in July and August) from Monday to Friday mornings.
    The objective of the training courses is to ensure that the participants make as much progress as possible FFCK – Pagaies Couleurs in technique, and in their specialist knowledge of rivers and rapid waters. It is a question of teaching the participants enough independent practical skills to enable them to select and travel down a river route that is suited to their abilities.
    At the end of the training, a booklet "Pagaies Couleurs" (Paddle Colours) from the FFCK which states the level the student has attained, is given to everyone.
  • Renting boats, canoes or kayaks, on the La Minoterie lakes.
    The La Minoterie embankments, unlike other embankments downstream from the site, form large lakes of calm water on the Vézère for peaceful walks. The rapid water at the foot of La Minoterie offers more lively sports.