Since the summer of 2003, La base de loisirs de la Minoterie has offered a tree climbing adventure site in the midst of oak trees, bordering on the Vézère.

Only 10 metres above the ground you can start feeling the fear of heights together with a closeness to nature thanks to several different activities:


  • Vertical and horizontal climbing ropes
  • suspended bridge
  • Top-roping
  • footholds
  • Training boards
  • Monkey bridges
  • Rope ladders
  • Zip line

This activity, great fun, is open to a wide public: young and old, sporty or not.

The activity is always supervised by a coordinator from the Base de la Minoterie. Safety is always perfectly assured.

tree climbing adventure1 tree climbing adventure2 tree climbing adventure3 tree climbing adventure4 tree climbing adventure5


What is a tree climbing adventure course?

It is a climbing course that uses trees as supports. In this activity, you move not just vertically but also horizontally, with the help of different constructions and using different climbing aids and techniques.

Contrary to climbing, where often the safety of the climber depends on another person, in tree climbing courses the climber is entirely independent.

The Tree climbing course is also a way of getting close to and discovering a habitat rich in vegetation and animal species.