Getting to La Base de la Minoterie, Uzerche

mapUzerche is situated in the West of the Massif-central in the Limousin Region Nouvelle Aquitaine and more precisely in the la Corrèze département.


Access by road:

 - Motorway A20 (Paris - Toulouse) exits:
     - 44 coming from Limoges (from the North),
     - 45 coming from Brive (in the South).
 - Motorway A20 is free in Limousin.
 - Motorway A89 (Lyon - Bordeaux) exit at:
 - Brive coming from Périgueux (from the West),
 - Tulle coming from Clermont-Ferrand (from the East).

The location of Uzerche in France

Once in Uzerche, you must follow road signs: leave the D920 (the old RN20) at the edge of "La Pomme" area (a place where the suburbs of the Frères Noilhetas and of La Pomme meet), and take the D142 (towards Espartignac and Chamboulive). After about 1 km, level with a quarry, turn left in the direction of la Minoterie: In less than 500m you will arrive at the old restored mill and la Base de loisirs de la Minoterie.

Geographical coordinates of la Base de loisirs de la Minoterie. Longitude: 01°34'02'' East, Latitude: 45°25'09'' North.

SNCF: Railway station at Uzerche on the Paris – Toulouse line

Flights: Airports at Brive (30 km) and Limoges (60 km).


Uzerche is a medieval town, with around 3000 inhabitants, through which runs the Vézère. The river makes an almost complete half turn around the spur of rock at the summit of which lies the old town. Altitude: 350 metres.

Uzerche is seen as the parking for the old town.

See also an aerial view and map of Uzerche.

For further information about Uzerche, there are several dedicated web sites:


  - Uzerche Tourist Office (Tourist Office)

  - Uzerche town authorities website (Uzerche town site)

  - The site of a Uzerchian exiled in Paris