The canoe and the kayak: two different types of watercraft.

The canoe is a North American Indian watercraft. It requires only one paddle with one blade.

The tourist canoes are essentially two-man watercraft with the possibility of accommodating a third person (preferably a child or the boat will run the risk of being overloaded).

In tourist canoes, the occupants are seated. In contrast, in competition canoes in rapid water, which can be single-seaters, the competitors have to kneel down.

The kayak is an Inuit watercraft. Unlike the canoe, it utilises a double paddle (this is the only certain difference between the kayak and the canoe). In rapid waters, these are essentially one-man watercraft, in which the occupant is seated.

These distinctions are more theoretical as far as tourism is concerned. In the Dordogne Valley, for example, those renting don’t hesitate to give double paddles for watercraft "canoes".

At Uzerche, the instructors endeavour to teach the most authentic practice, which is also that which brings the most pleasure.