Celebration Day

Each year (since 2002), Uzerche comes intensely to life on 13th and 14th July for the Jour de Fêtes

Extract from a painting by the artist Cueco, a symbol of the Festival of Nature

Nature is the excuse for the organisation of numerous cultural exhibitions, (painting, sculpture, crafts, etc.), As well as Sporting activities(canoeing and kayaking on the Vézère, etc.), Or purely festive activities (fireworks displays, dancing, concerts, etc.) ).

You will discover a variety of marches in the old town (for example a march of potters), exhibitions for every age (ugly scarecrow contests, fishing competitions, etc.), Riverside food and dancing, village music dancing, etc. .

La Base de loisirs de la Minoterie is of course fully involved in this event.

For programme details:  Site de la Ville d'Uzerche (Uzerche town site) (and also The Uzerche Tourist Office).