The La Minoterie Rock Climbing Guide and access guide

Nothing could be easier than finding the rock climbing wall at La Minoterie. It is a few metres from the site at la Base de loisirs and the La Minoterie mill (on the banks of the Vézère).

You can download the La Minoterie rock climbing guide in PDF format.
The guide has been written by Guy Reynaud, an EPS sports teacher and a passionate rock climber, who was the driving force behind the development of this activity at Uzerche.

A group of rocks piled up near the routes allows children in particular to complete the preliminary exercises at a lower height. For those who want to progress a little nearer to climbing "a mountain" it is possible to go to "rock school".

Access to the cliff is free but, obviously la Base de loisirs de la Minoterie is given priority to use it, since it financed the equipment for the climbing paths and maintains them. Take care to look at the warning signs in front of the rocks:

Rock climbing is dangerous.
It requires knowledge of fundamental safety procedures.
On this site and outside the area, the climbers are entirely liable for the injuries that could they could sustain or cause.
In any case: be careful!
Please leave this site clean.

If you have any comments or ideas concerning the maintenance of the site, the improvement of equipment or the information in the explanatory guide, etc., do not hesitate to contact us.